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A Moment in Time...

So, I found yet another pair of boots I am crazy about. I got these Jeffery Cambells from and immediately feel in love with them. Do you guys have this one pair of shoes that seem to work with pretty much everything. Skirts, shorts  and jeans, they complete every outfit!

On Sunday, Emil and I went to the beautiful Red Rock Canyon Park. I've been there a few times but it just never seizes to amaze me. I think I feel the most relaxed and at peace when I am there.
Afterwards, we stopped by a restaurant where we had our first date. We haven't been back there since then so it was kind of interesting to take a trip down the memory lane. You know the awkward little moments, things we talked about and of course how we liked each other very much from the very first moment we met.

The necklace and bracelet were a gift from Emil. He knows just how much I love and always takes the time to surprise me with little something.
Check them out when you have the chance, I am sure you will be a die hard fan just like me.

Wow, I have to stop writing essays on my blog! Really, I think I talk too much:)

Love you all,
Hope you have amazing plans for this weekend!

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